Baby Knee Pads Safety Crawling
Baby Knee Pads Safety Crawling

Baby Knee Pads Safety Crawling

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  • Protect baby from bruises when crawling or toddling.
  • Also can be used as elbow pads, protect the elbow from damage as well.
  • Keep warm for knee joint when in air conditioner place.
  • Soft and stretchy, comfortable to wear.
  • Lovely and caring gift for toddler baby.
Material: acrylic yarn
Retractility: 11.5x8.5cm~22x14cm 
Item size: 11.5 x 8.5cm / 4.53x3.35in (L * W * H)

Uses of baby knee pads:
1. protect the tender skin when crawling, avoid cold legs when changing the diaper.
2. protect the young little legs from abrasions when playing in the park.
3. when in the air-conditioned places: supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, air-conditioned buses, subways, planes.
4, protect the baby from UV damage in direct sunlight.
5. in addition to wearing on the legs, the same applies to the arms.